Studio 4 presents D!'s
solo The "Crisis" Fabricators
November, 2017

Studio 4 presents D!’s first solo show, entitled
The "Crisis" Fabricators at the Temporary Duplex,
curated by Andreas Fakis, taking place during
8 December – 7 January 2018. For more info
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Studio 4 presents ath1281's
solo Bro & Boozie
September, 2017
Studio 4 presents ath1281’s solo show entitled "Bro & Boozie"
at the unusual space Temporary Duplex, curated by Andreas Fakis, 
taking place during 29 September – 29 October 2017. For more info
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Studio 4 presents
Public Art Festival: Survival
April, 2017
Studio 4 presents the 2nd edition of Public Art Festival
under the thematic of Survival, curated by Andreas Fakis
and carried out under the auspices of the City of Athens.
A number of talks, exhibitions, installations and performances
in public spaces, tours, workshops, murals and parallel actions,
will take place during 6 May – 24 June 2017. For more info
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b., ath1281, Dimitris Taxis and D!
in Solkaer's photographic project
December, 2015
Soren Solkaer's latest photographic project, entitled Surface,
features b., ath1281, Dimitris Taxis and D! from Athens, Greece,
along with The London Police, Kenny Scharf, Blek le Rat,
Vhils, Aryz, Lee Quinones, Shepard Fairey, Andre and many
more artists from around the world. Surface was published in 2015
and is exhibiting internationally. More info can be found
here and there.