Studio 4 and Atenistas present the New Walls project; a series of murals
on school buildings with the participation of Greek and International artists,
curated by Andreas Fakis.

The first New Walls act takes place at the 21st Primary School of Athens,

located in Kypseli district, with the participation of the artists SNRS,
Fotizontas, WD, Mora and Joad, with the contribution of the school's pupils.

Neglected grey walls that peel away. Faded graffiti attempts and slogans.

Semi-rusted bars surrounding school-yards. Repairs of every kind that
occurred at different times. Elements that compose an image with sings
of time that make evident the lack of an infrastructure and proper maintenance.
An image that has also been established on a vast part of the city, besides
school buildings and is now taken as "given".

The artists who work on public domain express in their own way a real

interest for the urban environment, but also to those who embrace it.
Apart from the positioning of their works, this becomes strongly evident
thematically in their work.

The project title expresses the need for "new walls", placing the artistic

intervention on a key role, ample to deem a wall "new" at the completion
of the intervention, whilst it makes a direct reference to the walls as "new"
surfaces for the artists, implying there has been a selection phase, in order
to be in the position to be considered "new".

The New Walls project aims at the aesthetic enhancement of the school

environment through artistic interventions and explores the interchange
such an action may return over time.

Photos by Andreas Fakis.

Fotizontas's work at New Walls - 21st Primary School of Athens.

SNRS's work at New Walls - 21st Primary School of Athens
Joad's, WD's and Mora's work at New Walls - 21st Primary Shool of Athens