K-art Gallery, 54 Sina Street, Athens 106 72. Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12.00 – 20.00.
Saturday, 11.00 – 14.00. 
Exhibition opening: Thursday 9.2.12, 19.00. Duration: 9.2.12 - 10.3.12.

Studio 4 and K-art gallery present the collective exhibition Graphic Novels Are True
and the homonymous book, curated by Andreas Fakis.

Yellow girl figures bearing an enigmatic look. Anthropomorphous, surreal creatures 

with an utterly sarcastic humour. Mermaids in the companion of pirates. Distressed
punks, surrounded by basketballs and scissors. Pictures that have been conveyed 
repeatedly with colour in the streets of Athens and London; representations that 
appear to be unreal but reflect reality. 

Graphic Novels Are True examines the essence of the work of b., Ian Stevenson, 
Dreyk the Pirate and Cacao Rocks, who use public domain as their main field 
of action. The title of the show sets granted the truthfulness of the stories narrated 
by their works and simultaneously determines their broad aesthetic and conceptual
dimension, giving the viewer a clear hint for the content.

The four public artists create works that convey a story, that regard a real event,
important or unimportant, ordinary or extraordinary, pleasant or unpleasant.
The subject matters of everyday life that contemplated and inspired the artists are 
incorporated in thematic tasks, significantly far from any negative elements have 
been reproduced massively by the media. Distancing from saturated by repetition, 
magnified thematic tasks, b., Ian Stevenson, Dreyk the Pirate and Cacao Rocks, 
are focusing on important and simple meanings.

The Graphic Novels Are True exhibition investigates the point of view, from which 
the four artists perceive and assimilate reality, that often encompasses conflicting 
everyday elements.

Selected works:

b. - "Zeus Hates Us" Acrylic on Canvas, 56 x 27.5 cm, Signed verso - 2011

Dreyk the Pirate - "In the Night" Acrylic on Paper, 56 x 27.5 cm, Signed, 2012

Cacao Rocks - "Astounded" Acrylic on Paper, 56 x 27.5 cm, Signed verso, 2012