On view within the Remap 3 Framework during 12.9.11 - 30.10.11.

Studio 4 presents the site-specific show Private Domain Has Always Been

Truly Public, curated by Andreas Fakis.

Contemporary artists who work on public domain come from varied fields,
accompanied with contrasting creative backgrounds. Public artists with an
“urban”, street oriented background can be recognised for their inventiveness
and repetitiveness, which contributes in rendering their very own visual
language and personal identity in public domain, a theoretically unconstrained
environment that can be accessed by anyone at anytime.

Public artists can be recognised for the spontaneity with which they “overtake”
public, private or unclaimed property, without necessarily devoting attention
to any theory on ownership or permission. Instead of ownership or permission
theories, space structure, space morphology, space state and space location
form some of the main considerations and location assessment criteria for
the artist.

human relationship with space and the criteria that lead human entities into
rendering a space as private, public, or simply as an area, regardless of

D!, employs specific practises to express his viewpoint. His works form
a captivating typographic and copywriting examination, as he has chosen
to “restrain” his vocabulary by using only “D” verbs in his work. D!’s long
existing relation with letter-forms in addition to the look and feel of his works
makes clear that anything can be portrayed effectively typographically, thus
negating the long-ago established “power” of a picture, equal to a thousand

D! - "Eight D!'s III" Enamel Paint on Aged Metal, 2.5 x 5 metres - Athens, Metaxourgio District, 2011