L’Atlas was born in Toulouse in 1978. He got into graffiti in the early 90’s
through the process of tagging, coming into an early public view at the walls
of his high school. His current name derives from the Atlas mountains of Morocco,
where he studied Arabic calligraphy. His works have been presented in museums
and galleries across the globe with numerous paintings belonging to private
collections in London, Tokyo, Lausanne, Jakarta, New York, Rome, Beijing,
Moscow, Marrakech and of course Paris, where he currently lives and works.

"Do Not Lose the North" Performance - Georges Pompidou Centre (Paris, 2008)

"The Way of Art" Performance - Ducale Square (Genoa, 2008)

"Under Control" Handmade fly poster (Brussels, 2006)

"I Was Here" Handmade fly poster (Paris, 2007)

"Im A Man" Handmade fly poster (Paris, 2008)

"Hong Kong" 194 x 130 cm, Mixed technique on fabric (2007)

"Barcelona" 194 x 130 cm, Gaffer tape on fabric (2007)

"Manhattan" 194 x 130 cm, Gaffer tape on fabric (2007)

"Untitled" 100 x 100 cm, Enamel paint on canvas (2009)

"Street Fragment" 150 x 150 cm, Enamel paint on metal (2008)

"Bratislava" 90 x 90 cm, Mixed technique on fabric (2008)

"Paris" 200 x 200 cm, Acrylics on fabric (2008)