Ian Stevenson was born in 1977 in Leicester, UK. He attended
Camberwell College of Arts in the late 90's, where he learned
to make things look pretty on a variety of surfaces. His influences
of the everyday strangeness of people and the world around him
shine in his odd world of distorted characters. He enjoys the
challenge of drawing in interesting places; walls, toilets and
one project: rubbish art. Involves him walking around the streets
and bringing rubbish alive, making them talk back. His corporate
client list includes Perrier, Microsoft, MTV, E4 Music and Paul Smith.

"Stare Into the Sun" Music video - Graffiti 6, Polydor Records (2009)

"E4 Happy Place" TV advert - E4 (2009)

"I Don't Want To Go" Paint pen on cardboard (London, 2008)

"Don't You Need Me Any More?" Paint pen on plastic (London, 2010)

"Am I Trendy?" Paint pen on metal (London, 2008)

"Untitled" Feref creative agency - Paint pen on concrete (London, 2005)

"A Whole Lot of the Fun" 100 x 100 cm, Mixed technique on canvas (2009)

"Short Arms" 50 x 40 cm, Silk screen print - edition of 50 (2009)

"Animals in London" Paul Smith [Happy London Series] 50 x 70 cm, Giclee print - edition of 5 (2007)

"Lost Heroes" 50 x 70 cm, Litho print - edition of 1000 (2009)

"Give Me Something" 60 x 84 cm, Giclee print (2006)

"Window Looker" Part of "An Extra Little Something..." postcard book (2010)

"Game, Set and Matador" Microsoft Messenger - Part of a four book series (2008)

"Trendier" Perrier US advertising campaign [Ogilvy] - San Francisco subway (2007)

"Speedier, Trendier" part of Perrier US advertising campaign [Ogilvy] (2007)